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Greetings and welcome to my user profile, my real name is Chad but everyone normally calls me Sparky, I am proud to be a patio and driveway expert from Durham, England. My favorite interests are dance, lotology and trainspotting. I went to school in Ipswich and graduated from University of Oxford. I've got a brother Keith and three sisters, I have a pet owl called Brie. I own a driveway and paving company and like to help people with their home improvement projects

Driveway Installation Aylesbury - If you have a driveway project planned for your property, you should visit our website. We can do tarmac driveways, SUDS compliant driveways, block paving driveways, resin driveways, asphalt driveways, pattern imprinted driveways, or whatever you like in Aylesbury. Driveway installation and restoration services throughout the United Kingdom. We're well known for providing all sorts of patio and driveway project in Aylesbury. If you do not at this moment have a driveway, or your existing driveway is looking tatty, give us a call to get the driveway you've always dreamt of. We provide you with guidance and advice on the best driveway solutions to meet your specific requirements and needs. We can give a free quotation for any type of patio, pathway or driveway. We also do garden makeovers, garden design, landscaping, driveway pressure washing and decking in Aylesbury.

Tarmac Driveways Aylesbury - If you are in the market for a brand new driveway in Aylesbury, you will discover that there are a host of options available to you. In this short paragraph we'll take a look at the different tarmac options along with their advantages and disadvantages in order to help you in making your choice. In it's simplest form tarmac, which is also called asphalt, can be used for driveway resurfacing. This is a very forgiving surface and still provides water runoff as well as drainage because of the course gravel which is contained within it. This kind of tarmaced surface will normally last somewhere between 20-30 yrs. Tarmac is generally regarded as the most affordable strategy for creating a hard surface. Yet it's an extremely time-consuming job which calls for specialist tools, machinery and, most importantly, know-how. But it only becomes the cheapest method when your driveway is up to an appropriate size, where the scale of the task makes it less costly. Because of this, tarmac is not a thing that can in any way be considered as a do it yourself task, unless of course you have friends or acquaintances in the driveway trade who are happy to help you out, in particular with the machinery. If you're planning to talk to driveway builders, you'll need to know that tarmac is more properly identified as bitmac.

Resin-Bound Driveways Aylesbury - An extremely popular driveway choice as of late is the resin style, which you will see advertised on the net and in local papers. For those who are dreaming of a driveway that successfully complements their property, and becomes part of the overall look and appearance of their dwelling, they don't need to look beyond the resin paving option. To ensure that your driveway's colour generates the effect that you're hoping to generate for your exterior space, you'll be able to personalise the colour and texture of the aggregate. A paved area or driveway made out of resin creates a stone-like appearance which is low on maintenance, and has the benefit of being tough and hard-wearing.

Concrete Driveways Aylesbury - For a number of years concrete has been a preferred surface material for building driveways, and the reasons for this are manifold. Being exceptionally hard-wearing and strong, concrete slabs also need very little maintenance through the years. When you think about the combination of strength and life expectancy, you will realise why for substantial areas of paving, concrete is genuinely economical. For the construction of a surface for a driveway, it is normally more costly to use concrete than it is for gravel, asphalt or tarmac, but less costly than stone, brick or paving slabs, and it normally outlasts all of these alternative materials. Whilst it is rather unexciting and dull in appearance, basic concrete can be imprinted and stained to create a much more distinctive finish.

Block Paving Driveways - For pathways, patios, paving and driveways, block paving is a superb choice of surface as it's flexible, hard wearing, semi-porous, non-slip, and involves little maintenance and looks good in any garden setting. The fact that particular bricks can easily be changed should an area become damaged or discoloured, is yet another vital benefit of block paving over certain other driveway materials. By adding a block paved driveway to your premises you will raise the appearance and value of your house irrespective of whether you wish to stay or are hoping to up sticks and move in the future.

If your current driveway in Aylesbury is getting tatty and you would like a brand new one, or you don't at present have a driveway and are keen to have one installed so you'll have somewhere secure to park your car or truck, you'd be better off getting in touch with a driveway installer to come and do the job on your behalf. (Tags: Driveway Installation Aylesbury, Driveway Installers Aylesbury, Driveway Pavers Aylesbury, Driveways Aylesbury).

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