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The Trusted Company For Big Block Retaining Wall System

Magnum Stone Extenders are unique features recently added to Corner Stone products.

Magnum Stone is an interlocking retaining wall blocks manufacturer. It was developed with both the contractor and the engineer in mind. Magnum Stone is a 5,000 PSI concrete that provides low absorption, high strength, and great freeze-thaw durability. Its vertical and hollow core design gives many benefits and superior drainage. Lightweight at 1400 lbs blocks ensures that installers will be able to user smaller equipment and ship more blocks to a specific job site.

Their exclusive production system for big block retaining walls ensures unparalleled innovation, plus a highly effective production and installation process. With it, any company can benefit through their product lineup. It features a hollow-core design that makes use of 40% less concrete and their patented modular gravity extenders. 

In addition, the Magnum Stone system offers considerable advantages compared to traditional big block retaining wall production processes. Aside from maximizing the efficiency of clients' installations, their big block retaining wall is guaranteed environment-friendly. It has decreased transport costs, provides great solutions for any design, fast and easy installation, has an efficient production system, and exclusive gravity extenders.

Through Magnum Stone block and extender units, the amount of concrete used in manufacturing is reduced, thus affecting shipping and overall costs for the better, as well. By becoming a Magnum Stone Retaining Wall producer, clients get full access to their marketing materials, test data, and top-of-the-line engineering software available in the market. In signing in, clients have millions of square feet already produced, therefore buying into a fully proven and engineered system.

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