Local Residential Moving Services

A local move is typically a move done within close proximity of your current home. The destination may be within the same city as your current residence or in a neighboring city. A local move will not cross state lines. In most states, the contract charges are based on an hourly rate. You will typically pay for the move time and the moving materials. The pick-up and delivery are done the same day with an exclusive truck and crew.

Costs of Your Local Move

Local moving charges are based upon hourly rates. The rate begins when the crew arrives at your first location and covers the total time of the move: the loading, driving to new location, and the unloading. Additional stops in between locations are included in the total moving time; there are no extra charges for multiple stops.

In addition to the hourly rate, there is a one-time fee called a "travel charge." This charge covers the mover’s costs for traveling from their facilities to your location and back to their office once the move is complete. This charge is at the same rate as the hourly moving fee.

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